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Supermarket shopping cart notice

Nov. 09, 2019

Our company produces all kinds of shopping carts to meet your travel needs.

Supermarket shopping cart is one of them. There are the following precautions in the use process:

When the shopping cart is running fast and braking rapidly, the children in the car will tilt forward due to inertia. If they are not careful, they will fall out of the car and hurt the children or even cause brain injury. The shopping cart itself has a special seat for children. Parents should let their children face themselves, back to the direction of the cart, straddle on the seat. It is absolutely forbidden to stand in the car, lie on the edge of the car, and children weighing more than 15kg are forbidden to take the shopping cart!

Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart

If you put heavy objects in the first half of the shopping cart when you are shopping, it is easy to overturn if you are not careful. Because the supermarket trolleys are usually rear wheel steering, and the basket is designed to be small in front and large in rear. In order to put more items behind the basket and make the body center of gravity lean backward, the trolleys and steering can be more light. Therefore, it will be easier and safer to put heavy objects behind the cart. So try not to put heavy objects in the first half of the shopping cart when shopping.

Shopping cart is just a kind of shopping tool, but it has a great impact on consumers' shopping happiness. Miss Liu, the consumer, said that because she was thin and small, she often couldn't push the big shopping cart, so she needed to push all over her body, so she was accidentally hit by the crossbeam, so she basically picked up the plastic shopping carts later. But she also found that when she met a larger product, the basket bearer would be lazy to buy it. Indirectly, whether the shopping cart is easy to use affects sales.

When you come to the hypermarket, you may buy many different kinds of goods at once. Whether it's snacks, fresh food, or even sometimes even furniture will be stuffed into the shopping cart, but have you noticed that there is such a raised design on each shopping cart?

In fact, this design is to let everyone hang shopping bags or handbags, because when you buy a bunch of different kinds of things, some things like eggs or biscuits are afraid of being flattened, then you can use bags to hang them, so you don't have to worry about being pressed So the next time you go shopping in a hypermarket, this little design can be used immediately! In this way, not only don't worry about the things you want to buy will be crushed, but also you can easily put the things you want to buy into the shopping cart.

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