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Choose Shelves

Feb. 26, 2021

Choose Shelves

The choice of shelf type is mainly based on its own characteristics and needs. On the one hand, you can preliminarily determine the model and size to choose by understanding the introduction of the shelf-related company; on the other hand, you can directly feedback the shelf properties, access methods, and access frequency of the stored goods to the store shelf manufacturers, Let their professionals help choose and give reasonable suggestions.

1. Angle steel shelf

Angle steel shelf is a type of shelf with weak carrying capacity. It's not cost-effective, but it's cheap. It is a better choice for storing lighter items. The main components are columns and laminates, usually without beams.

2. The middle A-frame and the middle B frame

The combined structure of the middle A-frame and the middle B frame is similar. They are all shelf types with general carrying capacity. The load-bearing capacity is much stronger than that of angle steel shelves, the structure is more stable, and the storage of goods is safer. The main components include columns, laminated slabs, and beams with diagonal tie rods to increase stability. The number of layers can be adjusted up and down as needed.

3. Be on the shelf

The beam frame is generally a heavy-duty frame with a strong load-bearing capacity. They mainly store palletized goods. Usually, forklifts are used to store and store goods. The composite members mainly include columns, beams, and protective columns.

How to design a shelf, generally have the following principles.

First of all, the shelf must consider the size of the warehouse volume and the size of the goods. At the same time, it is necessary to consider whether the forklift is convenient for loading and unloading and whether the alignment of the forklift will conflict with the rack.

Second, the shelf must consider whether there is enough space between the goods. In addition, fire space is also one of the aspects that every shelf should consider. At the same time, the shock resistance of the shelf and the difficulty of the workers should also be considered.

Finally, the material of the shelf is also an aspect to be considered. While meeting the demand, the cost and cost of the shelf must also be considered. In addition, the steel process is also a relatively high test.

Of course, if these are achieved, it seems that it cannot meet the needs of many companies for shelves. Therefore, customization is also an issue that every logistics equipment company must consider.

For example, the shockproof performance of the shelf, how to design this is a very critical issue. During installation, the dead corner of the column should be fixed on the concrete foundation. For the ground, embedded parts should also be used to deal with the impact of the shelf.


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