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What Types of Trolleys Are There?

Jun. 15, 2020

Logistic Carts for different purposes have different body structures. Most general-purpose four-wheel flatbed vehicles have a cargo platform. Dedicated flat carts have a variety of structures, some car bodies are box-shaped, suitable for carrying items that are easy to load and unload; some car bodies extend out of the bracket, which is convenient for placing rods, shafts, pipes, and other parts; some car body shapes and cargo It fits perfectly, such as a gas cylinder car; some are very small and can be folded for easy portability; some are designed for loading and unloading barrels of liquids, paper rolls and other cylindrical objects, and two flat sheets of steel are formed on the car body to form a low slope to facilitate the cylinder Objects roll up and down, such as a cylindrical cargo truck. Modern flat trolleys are equipped with rolling bearings, and the wheels use solid tires or pneumatic tires. I summarized that the functional classification of the flat trolley is mainly divided into the following categories.

U Boat Logistic Cart

U Boat Logistic Cart

One: foldable steel flat cart

The steel handle can be folded for easy transportation and carrying, suitable for office, school, factory, and warehouse. The non-slip plastic table and anti-collision buffer rubber belt ensure safe operation and use wear-resistant and non-marking rubber wheels.

Two: heavy steel flat cart

Heavy-duty design, sturdy and durable; non-slip plastic table and anti-collision buffer rubber tape to ensure safety; use wear-resistant non-marking rubber wheels.

Three: aluminum flat cart

This small cart is light and easy to transport and store.

Four: Silent flat trolley

The use of silent wheels with bearings, quiet and flexible; solid plastic table, beautiful and easy to clean.

Five: large countertop steel flat trolley

Anti-collision buffer rubber band and non-slip plastic tabletop to ensure safe use.

The anti-static flatbed truck is composed of a stainless steel frame, wire mesh plate, steel column and anti-static nylon wheel. The four corners of the mesh plate are equipped with adjustment clips and adjustment grooves, which are light and flexible. The groove ring is assembled with the protruding coil of the nozzle piece, and the required height and the effective discharge of electrostatic charge can be adjusted according to the needs. The adjustment is quick and easy to use. Sturdy and durable, the laminate is divided into two kinds of mesh and plate, the bridge structure, the load is evenly distributed.

U Boat Logistic Cart is novel and beautiful. The unique design of mute and transmission technology makes the flat car drive quietly and briskly. Widely used in material handling industries such as factories, office buildings, libraries, hotels, restaurants, logistics, transportation, etc.

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