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What Should I Pay Attention to When Taking Kids to the Supermarket?

Jul. 13, 2020

Many parents always like to put their children in the shopping cart when they take their children to the supermarket because, in this way, the children will not run around and will stay with their mother at any time. At this time, the mother can also take care of them. Utility Cart Manufacturer in China reminds you that it is not safe to put a child in a shopping cart. First, children are easily injured in the shopping cart. Second, there are many bacteria hidden in the shopping cart.


Why do children get infected with the virus in the shopping cart?

1. Everyone can touch the shopping cart

Whether it is in a large supermarket or a small supermarket, shopping carts are a common item that everyone can use.

And some bacteria and viruses that are often carried on the human body will leave the bacteria and viruses in the shopping cart after contact, and eventually lead to the transmission of these bacteria and viruses to other people.

2. The shopping cart is unified for cleaning and disinfection for a period of time

Due to a large number of people in the supermarket and a large number of shopping carts, if these shopping carts are cleaned and disinfected within a short period of time, the number of shopping carts in the supermarket may not be sufficient to meet the shopping needs of consumers, which will also bring supermarkets Huge cost.

Combining various factors, almost all supermarkets will clean and disinfect shopping carts for a certain period of time. As a result, the virus spreads on the shopping cart.

3. Children like to put their hands in their mouths.

Because the children are not sensible, they always like to put their hands in their mouths, and when the mother puts the children on the shopping cart, our children will always touch on the shopping cart, in the process, the children agree to put the shopping cart The virus on it is carried in the hand and then stuffed into the mouth, which eventually leads to virus infection.

What should parents pay attention to when a child sits in a supermarket shopping cart?

1. Sterilize the shopping cart with sterile paper towels.

When parents want to put their children on the shopping cart, our parents should sterilize the shopping cart with sterile tissues first, and then put the children on the shopping cart.

Sterilizing the shopping cart can prevent the bacteria from the shopping cart from bringing the bacteria and viruses into your body due to the child's inattention, which reduces the rate of viral infection.

Metal Shopping Carts

Metal Shopping Carts

2. Use disposable products to cushion the seat.

When parents take their children shopping, they should not take the shopping cart as much as possible.

And if you must take a shopping cart, then at this time our parents will use a disposable product pad to prevent children from contracting the bacteria on the shopping cart.

This will also reduce your child’s exposure to bacterial viruses.

3. Don't let the children make trouble with the Metal Shopping Carts. It is easy to flip out and get injured.

When our parents put their children in the shopping cart, they should also pay attention to keep the children from playing in the shopping cart.

Because the shopping cart is relatively light, and when children play and play, it is easy to cause the shopping cart to fall unbalanced and eventually cause the child to be injured.

We are alert to our parents. When visiting supermarkets or other public places, we must pay attention to the surrounding hygiene and do a good job of cleaning viruses and bacteria to prevent children from being invaded by viruses when they are not paying attention.

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