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Application Of Transport Trolley

Mar. 23, 2019

Transport Trolley has a very wide range of applications in the world, generally in Europe, North America trolley for garden is more, the African cart used for mining is more, the Middle East countries with multiple used in construction, we perennial trolley user service for all over the world. Anti-static trolley is suitable for semiconductor, IC, food, biological medicine, manufacturing and all kinds of dust-free room operation area to store goods. Esd system resistance: 10 power 6 ~ 9 of 10 square Ω.

The construction of silent trolley has the following characteristics:

1. The plate of silent trolley from Metal Shopping Carts Manufacturer is made of special resin material or cold-rolled steel plate, which is strong and durable.

2. Anti-skid rubber head is attached to the plastic vehicle plate, and anti-skid rubber pad is pasted on the surface of the steel vehicle plate.

3. Mute wheelbarrow casters, using high performance resin, effectively reducing noise and driving force.

4.chrome handle bright and clean, durable.

6.can be folded upside down hand, can maximize the space savings.

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