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Many People Are Underestimating the Use of Logistic Cart

Jun. 29, 2020

U Boat Logistic Cart refers to the vehicle that pushes and pulls the goods by manpower. It is the ancestor of all vehicles. Despite the continuous development of material handling technology, the trolley is still an indispensable handling tool today. The trolley has been widely used in production and life due to its advantages of low cost, simple maintenance, convenient operation, and lightweight. It can work in places where motor vehicles are inconvenient to use, and it is very convenient to carry lighter items within a short distance.

Whether in daily life or at work, we can often see the figure of load-bearing flat cars. Different styles of trolleys can help us solve various handling problems in life. We specialize in the manufacture of flat trolleys and believe that the products suitable for you will be convenient when used.

Reasons to choose a flatbed cart

When we choose a flatbed cart, an important reason is that we want to move goods more conveniently, and we also want the flatbed cart we buy to be durable. We understand the needs of customers and uses high-quality molds to produce higher quality. It is more resistant to gravity, tension, torque, and tensile force than many domestic cars of the same type. The biggest advantage of this product is that the surface of the board has anti-skid lines to prevent objects from slipping during the propulsion process on the car, which is more user-friendly and brings greater convenience to the handling work.

U Boat Logistic Cart,

U Boat Logistic Cart

Use a range of flat cart

The design of the trolley is mainly characterized by being light and convenient to carry. Due to the ease of use, it is widely used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, department stores, logistics centers, freight stations or distribution for short-distance transportation and transportation, but this series of trolleys are not load-resistant (generally limited to less than 500kg), and most trolleys are not lifting Capacity, this feature is different from lifting and lifting cranes and moving vehicles.

Logistic Cart Exporter reminds everyone that proper maintenance can extend the life of flatbed trucks. In the maintenance process, it is mainly to check the engine oil, remove air and lubricate.

Check the oil level every six months. In addition, daily inspection and maintenance should be paid attention to. The inspection of the flat trolley can reduce the wear as much as possible. Special attention needs to be paid to the wheels, axles, handles, forks, lifting, and lowering controls. Flat trolleys may encounter some failures during use. Understanding common usage failures and effectively preventing and circumventing them will greatly improve the efficiency of handling tools.

Generally speaking, during the use of the flat trolley, please pay attention to the following points:

1. When using a flatbed truck, its weight must not exceed the rated loading capacity of the flatbed truck.

2. It is strictly forbidden to stack goods over 1.5 meters (except a single large electrical appliance) on a flatcar. When it exceeds 1 meter, someone needs to support the goods.

3. When using flatbed trucks, running is strictly prohibited, look around, to avoid friction between the flatbed truck and the goods it carries and the people, goods, and facilities around it, and slow down when turning.

4. Flatcars that are not in use should be placed in designated places in a centralized and orderly manner. Assembled flatbed trucks need to separate the assembled parts and store them separately.

The service life of the logistic cart is generally 3-5 years. Proper use of the flatbed truck and proper maintenance of the flatbed truck can extend its service life.

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