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How to Use the Shopping Cart and Shopping Basket Correctly?

Mar. 03, 2020

If you want to buy vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, milk, detergents and other necessities, just go to the supermarket to solve all the problems. But you know what? Supermarkets are actually a big source of bacteria. Unconsciously, you may bring invisible bacteria home. American shopping cart manufacturer teaches you how to avoid bacteria in supermarkets. Proper use of metal shopping carts china.

Because the trolleys in most stores are used very frequently, they rotate in the hands of customers all day and night, so there is no time to take care of the cleaning and disinfection work. The data shows that the mold detection rate at the bottom of the supermarket shopping basket can reach 69%, the coliform flora is 51%, and the mold at the bottom of the trolley is 37%. In supermarket open shopping, once customers' hands are contaminated by bacteria on the trolley, they may be transferred to food during the selection process. It is recommended that you go to the supermarket to bring a pack of disinfectant wipes. Before using the supermarket cart, you can wipe them with a wet wipe. Do not let children sit in the cart, and cooked food should not be placed on the bottom.

Buy raw meat and frozen food last. Generally, in supermarkets, fresh food, meat and daily necessities are strictly divided to allow customers to buy frozen and fresh goods later. But in life, many people do not pay attention to the order of shopping, first go to the meat area to buy something, and then buy something else. Due to the high temperature in the supermarket, fresh food will thrive after thawing, and it will also pollute shopping baskets and cause cross infection.

Eat less free cooked food. Most cooked food is placed outside without any cover. Customers can pick it up by reaching out, and those who process cooked food do not wear masks. These have become unsafe factors for cooked food. The Guangzhou Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted an inspection on some supermarkets and found that among 32 varieties of cooked food samples, 21 samples had total colonies and coliforms that exceeded national standards, with a failure rate of 84%. It is best not to try free cooked food. Cook cooked food, sterilize it, and eat it within 2 hours. Overnight or refrigerated cooked foods must be heated before consumption to reach a food center temperature above 80° C.

Take the innermost items on the shelf. The survey found that the products on the outermost shelves were picked up most often, but not every customer could buy them, and they were prone to get all kinds of skin oils and bacteria. It is recommended to take the products on the innermost shelves.

Wash your hands immediately after returning home. Although the bacteria in the supermarket will not directly harm the human body, if you eat with dirty hands full of bacteria, you will be easily infected, especially children. So wash your hands immediately after shopping in the supermarket.

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