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Do You Know The Classification Of The Shelves? (On)

Jan. 22, 2020

Equipment classification:

According to the development of store shelf, they are divided into traditional shelves and new shelves. Traditional shelves include: shelves, shelves, drawer shelves, cabinet shelves, U-shaped racks, cantilever racks, grid racks, saddle racks, steel cylinder racks, tire-specific racks, etc. The new shelves include: rotating shelves, mobile shelves, assembly shelves, adjustable shelves, pallet shelves, loading shelves, high-level shelves, attic shelves, gravity shelves, screen-mounted shelves, etc.

There are many types of shelves, but the storage shelves are divided into light storage shelves, medium storage shelves, heavy storage shelves, and attic shelves.

Performance classification:

Store shelf made in china can be divided into general shelves and special shelves. According to the manufacturing materials of the shelves, it is divided into steel shelves, reinforced concrete shelves, steel and reinforced concrete mixed upper shelves, wooden shelves, steel-wood shelves and so on. According to the closed degree of the shelf, it is divided into open shelves, semi-closed shelves, closed shelves and so on. According to the characteristics of the structure, it can be divided into layers, shelves, cabinets, drawers, cantilever, tripod, grid, etc. According to the mobility of the shelves, fixed shelves, mobile shelves, rotary shelves, combined shelves, adjustable shelves, mobile storage shelves, etc. Pharmacy shelves, convenience store shelves, etc. are divided according to the purpose of the shelves. According to the structure of the shelves, the overall structure is divided into shelves. The shelves directly support the roof and shed of the warehouse.

Store Shelf

Store Shelf

Scale division:

Heavy-duty pallet racks are made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plates through roll forming. The columns can be up to 6 meters without joints in the middle. The beams are made of high-quality square steel with high bearing capacity and are not easily deformed. Reliable, easy to disassemble, and use lock nails to prevent the forklift from picking up the beam when working; the surface of all shelves is treated by pickling, phosphating electrostatic spraying and other processes, anticorrosion and rust, and beautiful appearance. Suitable for large warehouses.

Medium-sized shelves: The medium-sized shelves have a unique shape, reasonable structure, convenient assembly and disassembly, no screws, and are sturdy and strong. They have a large bearing capacity and are widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, enterprise warehouses, and institutions.

Lightweight shelves: Light punching shelves are a very versatile structural system that can be widely used in the assembly of lightweight material racks, workbenches, tool carts, suspension systems, safety nets and support frames. The length of the punching angle can be quickly cut according to the scale, arbitrarily assembled with screws, corrected and reinstalled, so that it can meet the needs of well-planned use and emergency needs.

Loft-style shelves: Fully combined structure, which can be made of wood blocks, checkered plates, steel plates, etc. as floor slabs, and can be flexibly designed into two or more layers, suitable for hardware tools. Electronic equipment, mechanical parts and other items are stored in small packages in bulk, storing a large variety and small batches of goods to make full use of space.

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