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Supermarket shopping before shopping cart was invented

Aug. 21, 2019

The original supermarket shopping way: carry things to check out, shared the Supermarket Trolley Manufacturer.

Goldman was born on November 5, 1898 in the small town of admor, USA. Goldman's father was a jewish immigrant from Latvia (yes, jewish again) who worked in a dried fruit shop.

Goldman went through elementary school, but for him, the store was a crash course in business, learning as a teenager how to best satisfy customers before refrigeration became widely available.

During world war I, Goldman went to France and worked there for two years. In 1919, Goldman returned to the United States and opened a wholesale fruit store with his savings in a booming oil town. When the oil dried up, Goldman left for California.

Back then, American grocery stores had a white apron next to each item. If you asked for two jin of sorghum, the clerk would weigh it and pack it for you. Customers arrive at the checkout with a lot of things in hand. This model is not ideal, it requires a large number of staff, very inefficient.

Supermarket Trolley Manufacturer

Supermarket Trolley Manufacturer

Goldman recognized this flaw long ago, and at a self-service supermarket in California, he found the answer.

As early as 1916, grocery stores tried the self-service model, where things were on the shelves and customers picked them up. The concept became fully operational in California in 1919. Goldman decided to take that model back to his native Oklahoma.

In April 1920 Goldman opened sungrocery, the first supermarket in Goldman's state. Within three years, Goldman had 55 such stores in Tulsa.

In 1929, the United States was hit by economic crisis, but Goldman was still optimistic, so he sold his supermarket to skaggs-safeway. He then used the money to buy two failing malls, humpty-dumpty and Piggly Wiggly.

But Goldman's optimism was no match for the shit the economy was doing. As his store began to slow, he felt the first fear of closing down. Just when he thought it was all over, he saw a folding chair.

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