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Why do Many Supermarket Shopping Carts Require a Dollar Coin to Use?

Mar. 10, 2020

With the rapid development of the urban economy in these years, supermarkets have become the infrastructure on which people living in the cities depend. On the one hand, because the supermarkets have a rich variety of products, from food to use, from washing to electrical appliances , Everything that is needed for daily life can generally be found in supermarkets; on the other hand, this self-service form of stores to a large extent meets the needs of everyone to relax shopping and choose freely, so large and small supermarkets everywhere more. When people go to the supermarket for a "big sweep", they usually pick up the shopping basket or shopping cart provided by the supermarket when they enter the door. So why do many supermarket shopping carts require a dollar coin to use? Let's take a look.

First of all, supermarkets do not do this for profit, nor to deliberately cause trouble to customers. On the contrary, in order to maintain this mode of coin pick-up, supermarket staff also need to prepare many yuan coins in advance for those who are not prepared Coins need customers in shopping carts again. People only need to prepare a dollar, and after changing coins to the staff, they will be inserted into the keyhole of the shopping cart, and the originally fixed chain will be automatically disconnected.

Why do Many Supermarket Shopping Carts Require a Dollar Coin to Use?

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Secondly, the coin-operated carts can restrain many people who will throw shopping carts around. Generally, when the shopping cart can be used directly. After taking a shopping cart at the supermarket entrance, some people may not want to buy so many things when entering the supermarket. They may just throw the shopping cart wherever they go, which not only hinders the public access road, If there are children or elderly people, it is also a great safety hazard.

On the contrary, if you need to insert a coin, everyone will consciously return the shopping cart to the place where the car is placed in the supermarket in order to retrieve a dollar coin, and then plug the lock back into the keyhole on the shopping cart before you can get it back. Coins, which are easier to manage and more secure.

Finally, the shopping cart is locked with a chain, and it is in the form of coin use. When returning the shopping cart, people will consciously put the shopping carts together in sequence, which can also save the manpower of the shopping cart in the supermarket Resources, reduce operating costs, and prevent unnecessary losses caused by lost shopping carts in order to obtain more profits.

Why do many supermarket shopping carts require a dollar coin to use? In general, the supermarket adopts a coin management method for shopping carts to maintain business order and customer safety, and it also prepares coins in advance to prevent inconvenience to customers.

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