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Danger! Don't Treat Supermarket Shopping Carts Like Children's cart

Jan. 08, 2020

Take the child to the supermarket is a mother often do, need what things, go shopping in the supermarket, there is basically no can't buy things because of this advantage, so the supermarket also has a disadvantage, is the people, with a large range of bacterial source and infection.

Because most stores cart use frequency is very big, clean disinfection care, according to the date that51% of bacillus supermarket coil shopping basket mold detection rate can reach 69%, at the bottom of the trolley car mold is 37% open shopping in the supermarket, may transfer the food so when choose best advice to the supermarket with a pack of disinfecting wipes,  don't let children sat in the cart, cooked food had better not put in the bottom.

Have learned, at present, there are two kinds of supermarket shopping cart, one kind is with child seat, can let the child sit inside,  a seat is not to bring children but many shopping carts without seat often children standing or sitting children some parents let children take off your shoes also sit in your shopping cart, the child's small feet, legs link feet will be to not care, or it is easy to get stuck into the shopping cart fence if rescue child don't care to drag, may hurt the bone.

Danger! Don't Treat Supermarket Shopping Carts Like Children's cart

kids cart 

For the sake of our children's health, we should avoid the risks. Here are some suggestions:

1. Proper use of the shopping cart, put the child in a safe position, in the shopping cart with the baby -seat.

2. Pay attention to check the quality of the supermarket shopping cart, especially the baby seat part quality, check the shopping cart to do part of the structure bearing capacity, the flexibility of the car, gradient, etc., ensure the safety of the car is to let the child do shopping cart seat.

3. Don't let the baby stood in the shopping cart, especially older children, pull the cart or baby activities are easy to cause children at risk of falls, even out of the cart turned over.

4. Don't let the baby with his fingers Toes to buckle gaps in the shopping cart, prevent the baby toe stuck the main hand or by metal cut.

5. Parents shopping, don't carelessly, don't put the children in the shopping cart will follow one's inclinations shopping, don't keep kids alone on one side, to ensure that children always within your sight, avoid the loss of a baby.

6. When there is a shopping cart around back and forth, to focus on the baby's hands and feet, to prevent the baby activities do not pay attention to, stretched out his hand and foot to be passing to the shopping cart.

7. When the baby is riding in the shopping cart, it is necessary to reinforce a safety belt for the child. If the shopping cart is not equipped, tie the baby's waist to the shopping cart with the scarf to prevent the baby from accidentally turning over the cart without safety awareness.

When parents take their children to the supermarket, do not let their children ride the shopping cart, for the safety of children, be a responsible parent.

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