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Supermarket Shopping Cart Cleaning Is Essential

Jun. 13, 2018

The data showed that the positive rate of mold at the bottom of the shopping basket was 69%, and the positive rate of mold in the bottom of the trolley was 37%. The number of colonies in the handlebars of the shopping cart far exceeds the number of Internet cafes, mouse buttons, and elevator buttons.

Because supermarket air is not easy to circulate, temperature and humidity are conducive to the survival and reproduction of bacteria, coupled with the large mobility of people, the high rate of reuse of shopping carts and shopping baskets makes it very easy for bacteria to spread. Mixing fresh foods, cooked foods and daily necessities can also cause cross-contamination.

Metal Shopping Carts

Supermarket shopping cart cleaning

Whatever metal shopping carts or plastic shopping carts, cleaning is essential. Specifically, shopping carts and baskets provided to customers by large supermarkets (shopping malls) should be cleaned once a week, disinfected once a month, confirmed by dedicated personnel, and cleaned and sanitized. If shopping carts or baskets have obvious stains, they should be cleaned and disinfected before being put into use. The cleaning water should meet the drinking water standards set by the state, and the detergents and disinfectants used should be harmless to the human body.

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