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Should Supermarket Shelves Hang Horizontally or Vertically?

Apr. 27, 2020

Supermarket shelves are placed horizontally and vertically, with different knowledge behind them, reflecting different dynamic design concepts and commercial attributes. The store shelf supplier introduces you to the advantages of whether the supermarket shelves are placed horizontally or vertically.

1. The advantages of horizontal placement of supermarket store shelf

If the shelves are arranged horizontally, the large space in the main aisle and the small space in the secondary aisle can be effectively used. The large space can display the row promotion table to promote products with a price advantage. Small channels can effectively display the end shelves of horizontal shelves, which is conducive to stimulating consumption.

The shelves on both sides of the main aisle are arranged horizontally, highlighting the role of the main aisle and allowing customers to enter and exit smoothly. At the top of the horizontal shelves, make obvious area signs to guide customers' course of action. After entering from the main aisle, customers can enter the secondary aisle between the horizontal shelves to avoid the interference of the large passenger flow in the main aisle, calm them down, and purchase the required goods. The products on the shelf can give customers a strong visual experience of the goods and the momentum of the entire product.

Strong visual perception of the goods and the momentum of the entire product.

2. Advantages of vertical supermarket shelves

From the outside of the supermarket, you can easily see the inside of the supermarket with better permeability. Vertical shelves will have a stronger sense of entry. Of course, there are some deficiencies in the vertical display. In a narrow supermarket, the length is not very wide, but the depth is very deep. If vertical shelves are used, customers will have a strange feeling about the store, which will reduce their strong desire to go deeper into the store.

For vertical shelves, there is no main aisle or auxiliary aisle. When the customer mechanically enters a certain area and cannot find the desired product, it may return the goods in the same way, reducing the sales opportunities of the product in other regions, and there is no main channel or sub-channel for selling the product. If the width of the narrow and long convenience store does not exceed 4 meters, it can only be placed vertically to improve the effective utilization of the storefront, but it can change the use of goods and improve the customer's experience.

Whether the supermarket shelves are placed horizontally or vertically, there is no absolute error and correctness. Make better use of stores, bring customers higher and better shopping experience, and buy back twice.

Although the convenience store has all the internal organs, it has also become the first choice for physical investment in the past two years, but it is not as simple as imagined to operate well. There are many mysteries. For example, the placement of shelves, using some skills, can increase sales!

Store Shelf,

Store Shelf

The main purpose of shelf placement is to maximize the space of the convenience store so that the goods can get the most display opportunities and the best display effects, so store shelf exporter shares several shelf placement methods with you today.

1. Island-style display

In the center of the convenience store, there is a group of Nakajima shelves, and the convenience store is equipped with advertisements, ledges, cash registers, etc. on all four sides. Very suitable for small convenience stores, relatively easy to manage during management.

2. Pillar placement

Put the pillar in the center of the store with a wrapped pillar, forming a strong and effective visual impact. The sense of high quality pervades the entire store from the center to enhance the continuity of space and enrich the sense of space.

In this way, the convenience store will form a unique main channel. Customers entering the store will definitely go deeper into the store along this channel, browse more products, and have the opportunity to purchase other products while the customer purchases the target product.

3. One word placement

Placing multiple sets of shelves in one direction not only makes the convenience store appear neat and orderly but also has a certain sense of regional integrity.

This arrangement will naturally form the main channel for customers to walk to the right, and there are multiple sub-channels between shelves, which is very consistent with people's usual shopping habits. When there are more customers, it will not be crowded with multiple sub-channels.

4. Place them side by side

In a large convenience store, multiple sets of shelves need to be placed side by side, making the convenience store look very rich.

By placing the shelves side by side, the main channel and the secondary channel can be staggered and continuous, forming multiple closed channels that interpenetrate within the shelf. Customers can choose to take any moving route to complete the shelf.


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