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How Should You Choose The Right Supermarket Shelf?

Dec. 17, 2019

Supermarket shelf style, variety, shelf manufacturers emerge in endlessly.In contrast, the supermarket shelves look the same, but there are many details to consider.

How to choose cost-effective supermarket shelves? How to match appropriate supermarket shelves according to the needs of supermarkets? On the basis of professional experience in shelf production, the store shelf manufacturer summarize the following points of supermarket shelf selection:

One, according to the material judgment

Common shelf materials in supermarkets mainly include all-steel shelves and steel-wood combined shelves:

1, all steel shelf: with better load-bearing force, the use of the process is not easy to deformation, more stable structure, the highest ratio of cost performance.The thicker the cold-rolled steel shelf, the stronger its bearing capacity.

2. Steel and wood combined shelves: more high-grade, high-density eco-friendly board made of the back and side panels, so that the display of goods more elegant, it is recommended to highlight the high-end image of the supermarket to use.

3. Other parts: acrylic has the texture and aesthetics similar to glass, but its weight and performance are as light and durable as plastic. It is often used in some parts, such as price bar, classification board, layer board of cigarette rack, etc.(customized shelf display cabinet).

Supermarket store shelf

Second, judging by the style

Select suitable styles for display according to the division of the supermarket:

1. Food/daily necessities: you can choose the island shelf in the supermarket and the single shelf in the supermarket. Zhongdao shelves are displayed on multiple sides, which can be placed in the central area of the store, while single shelves are placed against the wall to expand the display function of the wall.

2. Cashier area: you can choose the combined cashier desk, and customize the required length according to the size of the cashier area.Tobacco and alcohol racks can be used behind the cash register to display tobacco and alcohol products to increase sales opportunities in the cash register area.

3. Bread area: it is recommended to use specially made bread rack with special laminate design and baffle to prevent scattering.Match rattan frame to use, make bread products more visually fresh, delicious.

How Should You Choose The Right Supermarket Shelf?

 Vegetable And Fruit Shelf

4. Fruit and vegetable area: special vegetable and fruit shelf can be selected. Compared with other supermarket products, fruits and vegetables are heavier.

About product placement space.Refers to the number of shelf space occupied by each product and related brands. There are three methods to measure the shelf space: plane space, three-dimensional space and area space.The space allocation of the product should be based on the performance of the product, so that the space occupied by the product is proportional to the sales volume. For the product with poor sales volume, the space should be reduced so that the product with better performance can be located.

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