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Ten Points for Attention to Supermarket Cart with Baby

Nov. 14, 2017

Many parents with children love to go shopping in the supermarket, the supermarket is also very user-friendly provided the Supermarket Cart with baby seat. People tend to think the Shopping Cart is safe and secure, but the shopping cart also has some problems, parents must do safety prevention measures and pay attention to.

1.Check the quality of supermarket Shopping Trolley, especially the quality of the baby seat part, check the part of the shopping cart structure, bearing capacity, flexibility, etc. After ensuring the shopping cart is safe, then let the children seat it.

2.The seat space is suit to your baby, if the shopping cart seat space is narrow, but the child body is fat, the child is easy to be card master, if the space is large, thick is relatively young, sitting on the chair can not play the role of safety protection.

3.Do not put children in the shopping cart frame, avoid adults shopping, children do dangerous independent activities.

4.Do not let the baby stand in the shopping cart.

5.Do not let the baby buckle the gap of the shopping cart with fingers and toes to prevent the baby from being scratched by the hand, toe or metal.

6.Remind the baby put their hands on the armrest in front of chest. 

7.When a Metal Shopping Cart around, keep an eye on the baby’s hands and feet, to prevent baby activity stretched by passing shopping cart.

8.Do not let baby to grab the goods on the shelves.

9.When a small baby rides a shopping cart, it is necessary to reinforce a seat belt for him.

10.Do not let your baby push the shopping cart himself, because his height is limited, it is easy to hit people.

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