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How Much Is the Value of Shopping Cart To Merchant?

Jan. 31, 2018

The merchant transforms the Shopping Cart every time, it is a breakthrough in the consumer’s desire for shopping. A good quality Metal Shopping Cart can sell more than $80, even the cheap shopping carts that are not so good are priced at about $30. but when we see the staggering capacity of the shopping cart, we will feel the merchant spends a special value on it. Teflon, stainless steel, ultra light patina, every details of shopping cart, all are crystallization of human wisdom. The instructions say it can carry at least 350 pounds weight, give you many times relax shipping.

Shopping Cart

But this is far from reaching the pressure limit of the Supermarket Cart. One channel of YouTube find a sturdy shopping trolley, and has carried on the test pressure. The shopping cart still clenching his teeth at 460 kilograms until it carry 650 kilos.

By contrast, the noodles, beer, vegetables in the shopping cart are not a matter at all. But i still do not recommend putting adult girlfriends or boyfriends in it. Although if there has problem, it due to the product quality, it is unavoidable to doubt the life.

Metal Shopping Cart

Supermarket Cart

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