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Smart supermarket shopping cart industry solutions

Dec. 10, 2019

At present, smart retail is very common. As for the next step of smart retail? We use the shopping cart as the solution to the entrance and upgrade the supermarket shopping cart to achieve the purpose of smart retail upgrade.

Supermarket shopping carts are very common, mainly to help customers get goods. Generally, supermarkets are equipped with shopping carts and shopping baskets, which are also very convenient to use. Why should you upgrade the shopping cart? One is to solve the checkout queue phenomenon, and the other is the application of face recognition payment. It turned out that the centralized checkout is a centralized checkout, which is similar to the meaning of assembly line work. When the cashier can't handle it, there will be a queuing phenomenon. Since centralized checkout is particularly easy to waste time, it must be changed to separate checkout. Each shopping cart becomes a cashier, so that the customer starts the checkout as long as the product is placed in the shopping cart. When the customer purchases the product, he confirms the face payment to complete the checkout. The cashier is not required to participate in the entire process, so Will greatly improve the ability to purchase checkout.

How should we transform this plan? The first is to place a code scanner on the shopping cart, then install a display screen (you can use a smart phone), and perform billing through a WeChat mini-program (you can use WeChat to pay the ledger function), so a simple shopping cart upgrade solution is fine. The code scanner can be replaced by the camera in the smart phone. When the customer fetches the goods to scan the code, the mobile phone records and opens the shopping cart, which is similar to the locker at the supermarket door. When the customer puts it in, he does not want to buy it, just click the screen If you scan the code again, the shopping record will be removed and the shopping cart door will be closed again. When the customer finishes shopping, you can scan the code by yourself, and you can also pay by face. Shopping bags can be prepared in the shopping cart so that after the purchase, customers can directly pack the goods and take them away.

Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart

What if you encounter extreme situations? For example, when the network is down and there is no network, you don’t need to worry about it at this time. WeChat payment has offline solutions to solve the problem. You don’t need to worry about it. As for other extreme situations, retail has early emergency plans. How to identify if the customer does not check out? This can be identified by big data. For people with bad credit and non-customers, smart vision can be used to track and alarm, and the thief behavior is basically rejected. It also reduces unnecessary losses for supermarkets.

A fingerprint reader can also be installed on the supermarket trolley so that it can be used for fingerprint payment after purchase! No matter whether it is fingerprint payment or face payment, customers can operate it skillfully without the involvement of cashiers. Even if customers do not use these two methods, they can also use mobile phone scan codes to pay! The customer self-checkout is thus achieved. The transformation of the shopping cart is not difficult, and it will not add a lot of weight to the shopping cart. The key is to solve the queuing problem, thereby making smart retail more convenient and faster! Strictly speaking, this is the industry solution for supermarkets to unmanned supermarkets!

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