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Lack of standards for supermarket trolleys in China

Jul. 05, 2019

Lack of standards for supermarket trolleys in China

At present, there is no national standard for the production of Metal Shopping Carts. There are only some corresponding standards for the production of baby strollers. Some supermarkets provide baby strollers for customers to refer to this standard, but it is not applicable to ordinary supermarket trolleys. For those cases of child injury caused by supermarket trolleys, there are only a few common safety standards.

At present, many supermarkets use supermarket trolleys without a corresponding national standards, and even the industry standards and local standards are in the state of not yet developed. Most companies, however, have their own standards.

Through inquiry, discover at present manufacturer of domestic supermarket trolley divides supermarket trolley into Europe type, American type, day type, Australian type to wait for a few kinds commonly, but type points to a style more, do not point to a standard.

In addition to the lack of relevant production standards, the supermarket trolley hygiene standards are also not clear provisions. The sanitary conditions of supermarket trolleys mainly occur in the circulation link, but they are not supervised by the health department. Therefore, there is no regulation on the sanitary conditions of supermarket trolleys in the current national health standards. How the supermarket cleans its trolleys, how long the plot cycle lasts and what hygiene standards it should meet are all questions that depend on self-regulation.

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