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The New Retail Era-The Perfect Combination of Online Shopping Cart II

Jan. 04, 2018

Objectively speaking, any store makes money can not do without position, customer base, product selection, service and so on. With the increasing popularity of electricity providers, the era of making money by good sitting is over, the smell of wine is also afraid of deep alley. If we do not make efforts to adjust product strategy to meet user’s needs, it will be difficult for new retail businesses to make money. Our Metal Shopping Cart, Shopping Trolley is also the same.

Many businesses are ignored or even underestimate the role of salesman, they think salesman is disturbed in the consumption. But like OPPO, VIVO is to rely on the victory of the channel, relying on the strong line of sales force, took the first place of China mobile phone shipment. 

In the next time, based on the background of new technology, large data and internet, the online entity stores will rise again.

The sale function of offline stores can be solved online in the future. Consumers come to the entity and experience functionality. The offline entities that only have sales functions will be phased out.

The advent of the new retail era is not a nothingness, but a true existence in all aspects of our life. Just as the traditional e-commerce brings us a change of consumer experience, the future new retail may also bring a lot of change to our life. No matter how the new retail era will develop, one thing can be confirmed, who can satisfy users’ needs maximum, who can solve the pain points of users to the greatest extent, who will win in the new retail war. 

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