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Probe into supermarket trolley: quantity determines quality carrefour, wal-mart large capacity

Jul. 24, 2019

Probe into supermarket trolley: quantity determines quality carrefour, wal-mart large capacity shared by Shopping Trolley Supplier.

The bigger the trolley, the better

In addition to the number, we found that the supermarket cart specifications are different, new century, heavy 100, yonghui, heavy customer long cart size is similar, are small and light. They are equipped with metal trolleys that are small (about 40 to 50 centimeters wide, 1 meter long and 40 centimeters deep), light in weight, and even some basket trolleys (trolley racks that can hold baskets), according to the acting manager of heavy kelong.

Carrefour and wal-mart's carts are larger, with a capacity of about 125 litres and much heavier to push.

But there is no uniform preference for cart size.

"I usually shop less and buy more things at one time. Of course, the cart is bigger." "Said Mr. Zeng, a wal-mart shopper. His cart is a mountain of paper rolls, laundry detergent, mops and other household items.

Shopping Trolley for Wheelchair Users

Some often go to the supermarket, especially the elderly customers are not interested in the big cart, "can't buy so many things, the car is big and difficult to push."

According to the supermarkets, the size of the Shopping Trolley for Wheelchair Users is determined by the actual use of customers. Stores such as wal-mart and carrefour have a large area and a large variety of goods. Many customers come by car to buy daily necessities at one time, so the trolley must be big and strong enough.

The rest of the supermarkets, especially community stores, are relatively small, frequented so frequently that small carts are enough. Yonghui's responsible person said, this also has the relations with the store's design, the display.

For example, a wheelbarrow model would require two cars to pass side by side between shelves, and a bicycle to be pushed to the checkout counter, according to the company's manager. As a result, large carts are not appropriate for compact stores.

YLD-BT107-1S European Shopping Trolley

Some trolleys do not accommodate children

According to the supermarkets we surveyed, the trolleys are generally in good condition, and no customers report that they cannot be used.

All the above mentioned businesses said that the supermarket should conduct a comprehensive cleaning of the trolley every week. If it is seriously dirty, it will be cleaned immediately, and try to ensure that there are no stains, water stains or sundries, so that customers can use it normally.

We noticed that there were a lot of customers with children in the supermarket, pushing them in trolleys. Especially in carrefour's Shanghai store, there were four such cases in the same area. Two of the children were at least 5 years old and still standing tall in the car.

"Our trolleys are large and there are certain conditions that allow children to be in them, but a lot of customers obviously go beyond those conditions." Carrefour's official said.

On the carrefour trolley, we can see obvious text and graphics, "no standing in the car", "can only carry a child less than one and a half years old, height of no more than 1 meter," and so on.

Wal-mart stores have boned shopping carts with seatbelts, while supermarkets such as new century, skylight and yonghui, which use small trolleys, prohibit putting children in them for fear that they might fall out and get hurt if their parents take their eyes off them.

But there are still plenty of customers who don't listen. In addition, a small number of customers use their trolleys as skateboards to play in the supermarket, randomly place trolleys, block the traffic of other customers, push them outside the supermarket or push them up and down stairs, etc. Businesses hope to minimize such uncivilized behavior for everyone's convenience.

There's a word people use a lot these days, "experiential consumption." Whether to choose a merchant to spend money, in addition to the basic factors of goods and price, at the same time, can the environment and service of the shopping mall win the hearts of consumers?

Trolleys are a common item for shopping shoppers, and are an important part of their consideration of whether the supermarket pays attention to "experiential consumption". "Some supermarket trolleys are old and dirty, and the shopping environment is often similar, so you can see the service philosophy in small details." Consumer liu said.

In this issue, The Times looks at just such a small detail.

Site: quantity determines service quality

We visited a number of supermarkets and found that trolleys were only found in larger supermarkets, and the size and number of trolleys were different.

New century nanping five residential shops, the flow of people is not too much, the entrance has 9 trolleys, plus some shoppers are using about a total of more than 30; The new century daping commercial supermarket, in addition to the use of, the door is put there are more than 20; At the 5pm sales peak of yonghui supermarket branch in wuli store, there are only a few trolleys at the entrance, but when entering the store, many people are pushing carts in their hands, and there are more than 50 carts by rough calculation.

The number of carts in the Shanghai store is relatively impressive, with more than 200 carts in seven rows at the entrance. Wal-mart on hong sheng road is no different from carrefour.

"There aren't enough trolleys. It's inconvenient." Ms. Zhu, who lives in nanping, said she used to go to a supermarket popular, things are good, but the peak period there is no cart, more to buy things basket lift is not light enough, "only in the checkout and other people finish the account quickly away." So when a "well-equipped" supermarket opened nearby with similar prices, she immediately moved on.

"How big is the impact of the trolley?" More than a dozen consumers we surveyed in different supermarkets agreed that this was not the most important factor, but the details showed the concept of service. "As supermarkets open more and more, the gap between goods and prices becomes smaller and smaller. One consumer said it was likely to sway his decision when faced with a similar choice.

Trolleys are a common item for shopping shoppers, and are an important part of their consideration of whether the supermarket pays attention to "experiential consumption"

Businessman: not only quantity wants sufficient, take with also want convenient

"The number of trolleys set up in supermarkets is mainly based on the following aspects: first, the store area; second, the analysis of customer flow before opening; third, the level of single consumption." Yonghui supermarket responsible person, yonghui is more shopping carts, less community shops.

A similar sentiment was expressed by the company's chief executive. According to the ratio of about 40~50 square meters of stores with one trolley, according to the size of the store, it is usually equipped with 20~50 trolleys. For example, to be equipped with 50 carts, the store should be more than 2,000 square meters.

Area often in more than 10,000 square meters of carrefour, wal-mart, metro and other super supermarkets, carts more natural. Carrefour media manager introduced to fang, take carrefour nanping Shanghai city store as an example, equipped with 500 carts and 600 shopping baskets. Wal-mart has about 700 carts per store, or one per 20 square meters.

, new century department store supermarket attaches great importance to the cart, hand basket with desirable level, new century department store supermarket department relevant responsible person, their regulation, at the entrance of the supermarket, can place abundant, normal use shopping basket, cart, in addition, according to the supermarket business area, the customer easy to see in stores, commodity purchase frequency, the area of the heavier goods, set some put points, for example, 1000 - square - meter the following should be not less than 3, 4000 - square - meter above shall be not less than 12.

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