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Classification of Shopping Cart

Nov. 11, 2017

Shopping Cart is an important tool to modernize and improve the efficiency of shopping, so the shopping cart industry has emerged. Shopping Trolley can be divided into: European style shopping cart, Japanese Shopping Cart, American Shopping Cart and so on. European shopping cart is divided into two major categories: bracket type shopping cart and the pallet shopping cart.

The bracket shopping basket is made of cold rolled steel stent holding system, surface treatment is chrome plated stainless steel color., it is more common in the small supermarket. The tray cart known as American shopping cart, it has child sitting place, box volume can be improved, so that can put more and more goods. Below has place to put shopping basket. Japanese shopping cart is no special volume divided, its advantage is the shopping cart and shopping basket can be used simultaneously, but the disadvantage is the storage goods is inferior to the European style shopping cart.

American Shopping Cart

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