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Monologue From A Shopping Cart

Dec. 11, 2017

Hey guys, glad to see you, my name is Shopping Cart YLD-PT180-1FB, i am 8 years old and my parents is Guangdong Winleader metal products co,ltd. Yes, i come from Guangdong, I can speak Cantonese.

I had 3 old bothers and 3 young sisters, their name is Shopping Trolley YLD-PT180-1SB, YLD-PT180-2FB, YLD-PT180-4FB etc, we were created under ASTM standard and provide consumers enjoy excellent shopping pleasure.

My height is 1070mm(42in), my brothers and sisters height are 1000mm(39”) i am the tallest in my family.

Can you see my AkzoNobel brand cloth? it’s granite color, i wear this suit the most when in USA, i am crazy loving it. Of course as a fashion trendsetter, my wardrobe full of different color, zinc and chrome clothes for choice, i will consider to try when travel in South American or Europe.

By the way, did you noticed my 180 litre jumbo basket? i can load many stuffs even a baby in my arms, my body was made up by new PP material can it can last 400 hours UV resistance test, that’s why i do sunbath many times but my skin keeping bright.

I had many shoes, like P&H, Colson, Tente and local brand, you know overseas brand is expensive, i love domestic brand, its quality and price is good.

Hope you like it and take me away to your home right now!

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