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The Curtain Has Not Been Opened, the Prelude Is Enough to Shock

Jan. 24, 2018

Although a few years ago, Ma Yun has put forward the idea of new retail at the yunqi conference, and Alibaba has started a related attempt. 

These changes let people feel the qualitative leap of platform enterprises involved in the operation of industry, more importantly, people began to experience the beautiful picture of new retail is slowly developing. If the online action is the handy action of the adult Chinese electricity supplier, then we can see the online business is beginning to embrace the line’s resolute and big hand by realizing the sinking and substantiation of the online scene through the regression line.

The offline display space is used to reduce the short board on the line, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting the transformation and optimizing the user experience.

Jingdong, Ali, Suning and other traditional electricity supplier and Wanda, financial innovation and other traditional companies are in various ways to participate in the upcoming new retail business revolution, their large volume users and occupy a pivotal position within the industry to make us see the new retail. It will bring shocking enough change.

The crazy layout of the giants can only be regarded as a prelude to the opening of the new retail era, and the real new retail era is still far from coming. However, after the internet era blazing new retail has enough fertile soil to breed leading and unique business forms.

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