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Shopping Cart Caring for Old People

Apr. 21, 2018

Japanese Style Shopping Cart is very kind. Since 2006, Japan has formally entered an aging society with a population over 65 years old and a population of more than 20% of the total population. In order to adapt to this special demand, in line with the "customer-centric" concept, Japanese supermarkets have begun to meet the potential requirements of older customers on Japanese Shopping Cart. For example, supermarkets have purchased small shopping carts. The shopping carts are made of aluminum or composite metal and are very light. Shopping carts are also equipped with reading glasses to facilitate the elderly to take them out at any time. Supermarket workers will put common items used by the elderly. On the lower shelves, the clerk was assigned to pay attention to the situation of the elderly customers at any time; a transparent film-type magnifier was placed in front of the freezer to allow the old people to read the words on the bags in the freezer; there were special shelves for the elderly before other large shelves. The colloidal carpet prevents the slag and liquids from falling on the ground, causing the old person to trip or slip.

Japanese Shopping Cart

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