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Large Supermarket Shopping Cart Is Not Clean, Consumers Can Complain

Aug. 30, 2018

Xinhua News Agency, April 19 (Reporter Luo Jie) Liaoning Provincial Industry and Commerce Bureau released a message, after the "May 1" festival, Shenyang, which large supermarkets still have Shopping Cart, shopping baskets covered with dust and dirt, consumers can Association complaints. Once the investigation is verified, the Consumers Association will expose the illegal issues of large supermarkets according to law.

Recently, the Liaoning Consumers Association and the Shenyang Consumers Association have selected 24 representative supermarkets in Shenyang to conduct consumer inspections and supervision investigations, and found that some large supermarkets have consumer infringement. And security risks. For example, Supermarket Cart and shopping baskets are extremely dirty and dusty; children's shopping carts are covered with dirt and have potential safety hazards; fire safety passages are filled with cargo, and the jam is not smooth; the entrance and exit of the escalator and the wet and slippery toilet are not safe. Tips; the items placed above the shelves are super chaotic, and there are security risks for consumers.

In response to these problems, Liaoning Consumers Association and Shenyang Consumers Association collectively talked about the heads of major supermarkets in Shenyang, and took measures to safeguard rights: disclose the problems of consumer infringement and security risks in large supermarkets to the public, and draw consumers’ attention to prevent them. Supervise. After the "May 1st" festival, which large supermarkets still have these problems, consumers can complain to the provincial and municipal consumer associations.

The Consumers Association requires large supermarkets with consumer infringement and security risks to rectify the problem within 20 days. After the "May 1st" festival, the Liaoning Consumers Association will conduct public interest litigation in accordance with the "Consumer Rights Protection Law" for the large-scale supermarkets that refuse to rectify "blocking fire safety passages; shopping carts and shopping baskets full of dirt". The court ordered supermarket operators to rectify consumer infringement and security risks.

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