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Apr. 25, 2018

Hand baskets are a staple in both large and small retail stores, including Plastic Hand Basket and Wire Hand Basket. Shopping baskets are called "shopping baskets" and "shopping baskets" and can be divided into solid shopping baskets and collapsible shopping baskets.

A solid shopping basket refers to a fixed shape that cannot be folded. Often appear in large supermarkets, mostly plastic and stainless steel wire material. Collapsible shopping basket A new shopping basket designed to save space and carry convenience. Mostly suitable for home individuals, used for shopping, grocery shopping and other small goods transport storage. Most collapsible shopping baskets are waterproof fabrics and metal hollow tubes. The tarpaulin is Oxford cloth. It is wear-resistant and easy to scrub. Metal hollow tubes are conventionally made of aluminum tubes and iron tubes, which are lightweight and easy to carry.

At present, some Chinese companies have begun to transform from the production of solid shopping baskets to produce collapsible shopping baskets.

Shopping Baskets

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