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Is the shelf swaying a quality issue?

Oct. 24, 2019

When managers check the display shelves, they sometimes find that the shelves will sway, thinking that this is a problem with the quality of the shelves, but is this really the case? Next, Winleader display shelves manufacturers will come to answer you.

First, shelf sloshing is not necessarily a quality issue. Shelves have a slight floating problem when manually activated, which is normal and does not affect the use of the shelves. The material under artificial shaking is slightly deformed and floating, and the structure cannot be damaged.

Secondly, after the shelf is installed, if the shelf is shaking when it is shaken by hand, this situation is also wrong. Since the beam-type shelves are subjected to vertical downward gravity during use, there is no horizontal force at all. Therefore, in the case of proper use of the shelves, it is impossible to generate horizontal forces to shake the storage shelves, so this situation is no problem for the daily use of shelves.

In summary, there is a slight sway in the shelf, which is not a problem with the quality of the shelf. It is a normal phenomenon, and everyone can rest assured when using it. In addition, if you have related product requirements, please contact us Winleader display shelves manufacturers.

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