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Safety Knowledge Of Kids Cart

Dec. 15, 2020

Safety Knowledge Of Kids Cart

After the baby is born, every family will prepare a kids cart for easy going out. But if you use it incorrectly, some small habits that you take for granted may put your baby in danger.

Kids cart and children's bicycles are common supplies during the growth process of children. In order to avoid the occurrence of product injury incidents, the state has issued special consumption tips on kids carts and children's bicycles. Parents come and see what needs attention!

Kids cart refers to various styles of adjustable or non-adjustable, used to carry one or more children. It is suitable for children who can sit and stand, and the angle of the backrest of the kids cart can be adjusted or not. The angle of the backrest can be adjusted in several steps, and the child can lie down and sit in the stroller. The frame is fixed, and the cart with corresponding functions can be obtained by installing a sleeping pocket, a seat pocket, and a car seat on the frame or through a special conversion, which is multi-purpose.

The primary form of injury

Stroller-related injuries mainly focus on the bruises or abrasions caused by falling from the car body when pre-school children use the stroller product. After the organization's investigation and analysis, on the one hand, the product has problems due to design, manufacturing, and warning signs; on the other hand, consumers ignore the common sense of consumer safety in the process of using the product, which leads to the occurrence of injuries.

1)Using the kids cart beyond the carrying weight causes the body to roll over.

2)The cart body structure is damaged and the cart body collapses during use.

3)Shopping malls, subways, and other public places.

When taking escalators in shopping malls, subways, and other public places, push the kids cart directly onto the escalator. If the parents are not paying attention or the child moves in the kids cart, the kids cart loses balance on the escalator and rolls over.

4)When parking the vehicle, the brake device is not used and the vehicle slips.

5)The folding lock fails, causing the body to fold during use.


1)When a child is riding in a stroller, the caregiver must not leave and must be monitored in real-time.

2)Pay attention to the instructions on the use of the kids cart, and select a kids cart with a suitable carrying capacity according to the age and weight of the child.

3)Check before use. For example, whether the frame structure is damaged, whether the rivets at the connection of the frame are loose, whether the brake device is effective, whether the folding mechanism is reliable, etc.

4)When children ride the kids cart, use safety belts.

5)When the child is placed in the stroller, make sure that the folding locking device is firmly locked.

The folding locking device is to prevent the baby from being accidentally folded in the stroller and during the process of carrying or putting the baby out of the kids cart, causing the child to be injured. Parents should strictly follow the product instructions to use the folding device correctly to ensure that the folding lock device takes effect when the cart is fully opened for use. In particular, avoid hitting large obstacles during the implementation process, so as to avoid accidental folding of the vehicle body due to a sudden increase in force.

6)Strictly follow the product instructions to master the correct use of the brake device, and ensure that the brake device is used when the cart is parked.

Kids Cart

The stroller must have a braking device that can be easily reached by feet, and the kids cart with a reversible handle should have braking devices at the front and rear ends of the vehicle. The braking device is very important in the use of kids carts. Its main function is to fix the car body when the kids cart is on a sloping road during use so that it will not slip. If the caregiver does not use the braking device and puts on the handlebar, the kids cart will be dangerous, and the children sitting on the car will suffer accidental injuries, such as falling, colliding with other objects, and tipping.

7)When using a kids cart in public places such as shopping malls or subways, you should take a vertical ladder, or take the baby out of the stroller and hold it in your hand.

8)The stroller has a limited bearing capacity. Do not hang heavy items on the handlebars of the stroller, and do not place too many items in the stroller basket that exceed the specified load, so as not to affect the stability of the stroller cause it to tip over. At the same time, the baby carriage should not be used as a transport tool to transport heavy objects, so as to avoid the frame, handles, or connectors from breaking or deforming, causing accidental injuries when children fall from the car body during use.

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