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How to Repair the Foot Wheel of Supermarket Cart?

Jul. 04, 2018

Whatever the Metal Shopping Cart or Plastic Shopping Cart, the foot wheel is very important.

The supermarket cart casters are used for carrying convenience. It is the use of casters that make the use of the cart flexible and save effort and provide great convenience for handling.

No doubt the wheel is a very important part of the cart, but it is also a relatively easy to wear part. So what should we pay attention to when we use a supermarket cart? The cart manufacturers will tell you about the problems that should be checked by casters of supermarket cart.

Supermarket Cart

1, Whether the welding point or soldering plate is broken, and whether the nuts and bolts are loose.

2. Check the structural deformation of a cart due to overloading or violent impact. The uneven weight of the weight of the weight will be distributed to one or two casters to cause the deformation of the casters and the wheels cannot be rotated.

3. If the casters are fitted with inserting rods, ensure that the installation holes of the equipment are not bent, and are closely connected with the inserting rods.

4, Use the locknut or loose washer to install casters, confirm that the expansion rubber sleeve installation position is firmly in place.

Castor inspection: according to wear condition to judge whether the live assembly is damaged due to overuse. If the loose branch is loose, it is suggested to replace the support or the whole castor. If the casters are equipped with bolts and nuts, ensure the connection is stable. If the bracket is not rotated flexibly, check whether the bead track is corroded or dusty. If necessary, replace the bracket or the whole castor. If one end of the device is equipped with a fixed caster, the bracket is not bent and deformed.

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