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Pros And Cons Of Various Supermarket Trolleys

Jul. 13, 2018

As more and more foreign-funded enterprises flooded into the north and south of China, this not only drove our economic development, but also brought new technologies. With the continuous expansion of the company's production and expansion, the company's products are becoming more standardized and efficient, and naturally the agenda is coming up. Metal Shopping Carts in supermarkets are an important tool for modernizing shopping and improving shopping efficiency, so the shopping cart industry has emerged.

European-style shopping carts can be divided into 60L, 80L, 100L, 125L, 150L, etc. according to the most common volume. Supermarket shopping carts are divided into two categories: common ones can be divided into European shopping carts and Japanese shopping carts. European shopping carts are divided into two categories: the first type is a bracket type shopping cart, and the second type is a tray type shopping cart.

The bracket type shopping cart basket is made of cold-rolled steel wire, and the surface treatment of the car body is similar to the stainless steel color. Then add polyurethane wheels to make our shopping carts more prominent in shopping. The bracket type shopping cart is actually evolved according to the American Shopping Cart. Their basic functions are similar, and they are more common in small supermarkets.

The tray-type shopping cart, also known as the American shopping cart, has three functions. The basket has a place for children to sit. This design is convenient for women or people with children to shop, and the volume inside the box can allow more and larger placement. Supermarket merchandise, there is also a place to place a shopping basket under the car body. For this other style of shopping cart compared to the American shopping cart, the number of goods placed is still far behind.

The biggest feature of the Japanese shopping cart is that the shopping cart and the shopping basket can be used at the same time, but its disadvantage is that the stored goods are worse than the European shopping.

American Shopping Cart

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