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Plastic folding baskets difficult to recycle? Three ways to prevent loss

Apr. 20, 2019

Plastic Shopping Carts Manufacturer shares that folding plastic turnover basket can be reused, the average life is generally in 3~5 years, so the use of plastic folding basket as packaging, its use cost is lower than other packaging such as paper. Especially in recent years, the price of paper materials continues to climb, plastic baskets and other recyclable packaging demand is also growing.

However, "difficult recovery" is a major difficulty in the reverse operation of the goods circulation process, and how to improve the recovery efficiency in the reverse process has always been a problem that enterprises pay attention to and need to solve. At the same time, the plastic folding basket in the circulation process, such as the supply chain is long, the handover is not smooth, the management is not fine, it is very easy to lose, thus increasing its use cost. We should also manage such reusable baskets as goods, to ensure as far as possible that they are not lost, or to keep the lost quantity within an acceptable range.

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