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PP Plastic Performance Introduction

Jul. 28, 2020


Brief introduction of raw materials

PP raw material, chemical name: polypropylene, features: low density, rigid strength, hardness and heat resistance are better than low-pressure polyethylene, can be used at about 100 degrees.


Raw material performance

Physical properties: Melt flow rate 16g/10min

Shrinkage rate 2%-2.5%

Heat distortion temperature 85℃

Mechanical properties: hardness 85

Tensile strength 33MPa

Flexural modulus 1350MPa

Notched impact strength 15kg.cm/cm

Physical and mechanical properties:

A. Strength and rigidity are better than low-pressure polyethylene.

Compared with other plastics, polypropylene has a greater bending fatigue life;

B. The product is sensitive to the gap

Therefore, sharp corners should be avoided during product design, otherwise, stress will be concentrated;

C. The tensile properties are very good, with excellent fiber-forming properties;

D. The wear resistance of polypropylene is worse than that of hard polyethylene but better than polystyrene.

Thermal performance:

A. It has good heat resistance, its melting point is 164~170℃

PP Plastic Hand Basket can withstand boiling disinfection at a temperature above 100℃;

B. Without external force, the temperature will not deform even at 150℃, and it can be used continuously at 110℃ under low load;

C. The resistance to stress relaxation is also good at 90℃, and the low-temperature use temperature can reach -15~20℃;

D. Its catalytic temperature is -35℃ (the catalytic temperature of polyethylene is -60℃).

Electrical performance:

A. Excellent electrical insulator, and because it does not absorb water, it is not affected by air humidity;

B. The breakdown voltage is also high.

But it is a slow-burning material. If the product is required to avoid burning,

Use polypropylene material with a flame retardant release agent. Polypropylene has a low dielectric constant and high dielectric strength.

Chemical performance: Polypropylene has good resistance to chemical erosion and contamination, especially resistance to environmental stress cracking. At room temperature, there is almost no solvent that can dissolve it.

Environment-resistant type: At room temperature, polypropylene plastic is practically completely protected from moisture. In addition to antioxidants for outdoor use of polypropylene, light stabilizers are also required.

PP Plastic Performance Introduction

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