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The New Retail Era is Coming

Jan. 22, 2018

With the coming new retail era, more and more industries are facing a new revolution, changing the old way of marketing, operation and the way of commodity production is becoming an important symbol of the development of the industry to the depth of adjustment. This period of depth adjustment is the post-internet era that we are most talking about at the moment. Finding ways and means to combine with new technologies is becoming the consensus of many industry participants. 

As the B2B mode throughout the era of electricity supplier is always the same, S2B will become the successor of the B2B mode in the main business model of the upcoming new retail era. B2B model is to reduce intermediate links, improve the production efficiency. S2B is optimizating the intermediate links that can not reduced. 

According to Ma Yun’s new retail related exposition, the coming new retail era is a new business revolution, it is not simply to get through he pipeline under the online and offline, but more to rearrange and supply resources. The new retailing include many technologies, industries, companies, and bring progress to the society development. Winlead keep pace with times, and making better and better Shopping Carts, Plastic Hand Basket and so on with best service and so on.

New Retail Era

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