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Plastic folding baskets difficult to recycle? Three ways to prevent loss(part 2)

Apr. 23, 2019

Plastic Basket Exporter shares that the core of the management of plastic folding baskets and other logistics packaging containers in each unit or department lies not in the logistics operation, but in the business negotiation, the responsibility and how to bear the loss should be clear at first, so that both parties can operate in strict accordance with the established process during the handover, and a third party can be arranged to follow up and supervise if necessary.

To prevent the loss of plastic folding baskets, the most direct and effective method is to reduce the time of a single cycle, do not let the folding turnover basket stay in one place for a long time, or even in the empty state. It is suggested to set up a special recycling area nearby if possible, and have someone to manage it and record the handover of each link. Or the method that USES deposit, how many refund according to recovery amount, also can reduce fold turnover basket lose rate.

Some powerful customers also put forward Suggestions, such as the use of RFID technology for automatic supervision of folding turnover basket flow state. This is also a way to strengthen management, easy to find and solve problems, but the disadvantage is high cost.

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