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Special Pet Shopping Cart in Japan

Apr. 18, 2018

Japanese Style Shopping Cart is famous in the world.In Japan, most people who have pets have to leave their pets outside the supermarket when they go to the supermarket to shop. They may be afraid that the pets will be able to break away and get lost. In order to solve this problem, in 2017, many supermarkets in Japan launched a "pet-only shopping cart," and people can put pets in their shopping carts and shop with their pets.

The "pet-only shopping cart" has a special sign, that is, a "pet-only" sign is hung, and the cat and dog are also painted on the sign. The appearance is not so different from an ordinary shopping cart, so even if the pet has a "luxury car," people Do not worry about being "slipped by pets," because the push to control the shopping cart remains unchanged. For example, in FamilyMart, a Japanese chain convenience store, local residents are often seen shopping with dogs, shopping carts, and Shiba Inu stand upright, seriously looking at their own owners to buy dog food for them; sometimes encounter other "pet-specific "The shopping cart" partner, these dogs will also say a few words to say hello.We can provide Japanese Shopping Cart with high quality. Welcome contact to us at any time.

Japanese Style Shopping Cart

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