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Parents Who Use Strollers Must Pay Attention To These Points

Dec. 22, 2020

Parents Who Use Strollers Must Pay Attention To These Points

Taking a child out is a very troublesome thing, especially when going out with a baby stroller, how to carry and place the stroller is really a headache.

Regarding whether the stroller can be carried on the plane and the precautions when using the stroller, today the stroller manufacturer will tell you.

What kind of cart is suitable for 0-6 months?

The Chinese national standard stipulates that the angle between the seat back and the seat cushion can be adjusted to ≥150 degrees, and the child's body cannot leak from the gap on both sides of the seat so that it can be suitable for children 0-6 months old.

Otherwise, it should be marked "Warning: This car is not suitable for children under 6 months" on the product and instructions.

Can my cart be taken on the plane?

Yes, but there are three cart placement methods depending on the specific situation.

1.Bring on the plane as checked baggage.


That is, the boarding pass and the baggage check-in office will check the baby stroller together. In most airlines, baby strollers can be checked in for free and do not occupy the kilograms or pieces of checked luggage.

However, checking the baby stroller means that you cannot continue to use the baby stroller during the security check or while waiting at the boarding gate, and can only hold the baby.

When checking the cart, pack the cart as well as possible to reduce damage to the cart during transportation.

2.Take it on the plane as hand luggage.

Compared with the first case, directly taking the baby stroller on the plane as hand luggage can greatly reduce the burden on the infant-caregiver.

However, the folded size of the stroller must meet the size requirements of the airline’s hand luggage.

Most airlines require the size of hand luggage to be less than 3950px or 2875px for the sum of length, width, and height. 1cm=25px, that is, the sum of length, width, and height is less than 158cm or 115cm.

At present, most domestic airlines implement the 2875px standard, and most foreign airlines implement the 3950px standard. The specific situation can be verified by calling the airline.

3.If the size of the stroller does not meet the boarding requirements, many airlines have also launched the service of "delivering and picking up the stroller beside the aircraft".

That is after the check-in procedures are completed, the baby stroller can still be used until the flight boarding, the stroller is folded and handed over to the staff to complete the check-in procedures.

When getting off the plane, you can also get your own baby stroller immediately and use it directly in the terminal building.

Even so, the size of the cart cannot exceed the limit of the security X-ray machine, which is 620*410mm. The specific situation should be based on the airline or airport.

Important reminders for using kids cart

1.Seat belt must be used

Use safety belts to secure children on the seat to prevent them from getting hurt by getting up, climbing out, or sliding out of the car.

Even if the stroller has armrests, you must wear a seat belt. Active babies can stand with the help of armrests. Not wearing a seat belt is more dangerous.

In addition, in places with heavy traffic, wearing a seat belt can also prevent your baby from being carried away.

Note that the seat belt cannot be too tight or too loose, and check whether the buckle is loose.

2.Beware of the trolley tipping over

Do not hang shopping items on the car to prevent the car from tipping over. When going up a slope, the center of gravity will move back. Be careful to tip over and pay attention to the load of the car.

For strollers with six or eight wheels (each foot with two wheels), the outer wheels are likely to be stepped on by others and cause the car to roll over. Use this type of stroller to avoid going to places with heavy traffic.

3.Do not use stairs or escalators

Do not move children up the stairs together with the car, as they will be affected if they fall.

4.Take care of young children

When the child is in the car, do not change the direction of the push handle at will to prevent the child from being pinched; do not let the child use the cart like a toy.

5.Regular maintenance

Always check whether the structure of each part of the trolley is loose; whether each lock is in a good performance; check the stickers and small accessories on the car from time to time to prevent children from eating by mistake.

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