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The Origin Of The Supermarket Shopping Basket

Jul. 23, 2018

Shopping Basket can be divided into solid shopping baskets and collapsible shopping baskets.

A solid shopping basket means that the shape is fixed and cannot be folded. Often appear in large supermarkets, mostly Plastic Basket and stainless steel wire materials, bearing a major.

The foldable shopping basket is a new shopping basket designed to save space and be convenient to carry. It is more suitable for households and is used for transportation and storage of small commodities such as shopping and selling vegetables.

The foldable shopping basket material is mostly tarpaulin and metal hollow tube.

The tarpaulin is conventionally made of Oxford cloth, which is resistant to abrasion and easy to scrub.

Metal hollow tubes are conventionally made of aluminum tubes and iron tubes, which are light in weight and easy to carry. Free cancellations are available, prompting more consumers to prefer to buy home shopping baskets. The collapsible shopping basket is the first choice. At present, some enterprises in China have begun to transform the production of solid shopping baskets into collapsible shopping baskets. The collapsible shopping basket was launched from abroad and was transferred to China by orders from Chinese foreign trade manufacturers.

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