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What Does The Shopping Cart That IDEO Design Tell Us About Innovation?

Dec. 29, 2017

IDEO, one of the best design companies in the world, redesigned the Shopping Cart that people use in five days. The traditional image of the China Shopping Cart has been subverted. It is no longer the appearance of a big Shopping Basket on the four wheels. The new shopping cart has a futuristic metal body with five small standard shopping baskets on it, it is convenient for shoppers to store different items of purchase, and shoppers can stop the shopping cart on one side and carry one of the small shopping baskets for shopping. The shopping cart designed some hooks on the body, without small basket, shoppers could also hang shopping bags on these small hooks, then push the shopping cart to the parking lot. 

There is an additional benefit of this design, which can reduce the theft of shopping cart. This kind of shopping cart has some other ingenious designs. For example, there are children’s seats on the Metal Shopping Cart, the children can sit on the car happily and safely by drawing on the design of the amusement park. The shopping cart also has two coffee cups and a scanner for quick checkout.

But the result was a surprise to everyone. This kind of shopping cart did not really appear in the supermarket with the show. For example, are those small shopping baskets really convenient for people to use? In a crowded supermarket, how many people will stop the shopping cart and go shopping with a small basket? How can the shop assistant store the shopping cart effectively? Considering this product is designed in just five days, there are some flaws can be understandable.

Maybe that shopping cart will not appear in the market at last, but we can not deny that the recorded program is an exciting innovation process. It can be a simple and interesting process to master the association of idea and process. The reflection on the shopping cart reminds us that innovation may not be so simple.  

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