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The pros and cons of various popular trolleys

May. 28, 2019

The pros and cons of various popular trolleys

Shopping Trolley Supplier shares that with the continuous increase in production and expansion of enterprises, the products of enterprises are becoming more and more standardized and highly efficient. Supermarket trolley is an important tool for shopping modernization and shopping efficiency improvement, so the trolley industry came into being. According to the most commonly used volume, European trolleys can be divided into 60L, 80L, 100L, 125L, 150L and so on. Supermarket trolleys are divided into two main categories: the common ones can be divided into European Shopping Trolley and Japanese Shopping Trolley. European carts are divided into two categories: the first is the bracket type cart, the second is the pallet type cart.

As for the bracket type wheelbarrow basket, it is made of cold-rolled steel wire and the surface treatment of the body is similar to the color of stainless steel. Then add polyurethane wheels to make our cart stand out in shopping. Bracket wheelbarrow is actually evolved according to the American wheelbarrow, their basic functions are relatively similar, more common in small supermarkets.

Pallet type trolley is also known as American trolley, it has three functions, the basket has a place for children to sit, such a design will be convenient for women or people with children shopping, the volume of the frame can allow more and bigger place for supermarket goods, there is also a place for shopping basket under the body. Compared with American style trolleys, other types of trolleys are far less numerous.

The most important feature of Japanese wheelbarrow is that the cart and shopping basket can be used at the same time, but its disadvantage is that the storage of goods is worse than the European shopping.

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