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Inventor of the shopping cart

Oct. 08, 2019

Goldman, Jewish. Born in a small town in Ardmore, USA in 1898, his father was a Jewish immigrant from Latvia.

The first supermarket cart is the masterpiece of Sylvan Goldman, the manager of the American Dempti supermarket, suddenly a flash of light in his mind: if customers can carry more goods, they can buy more products. He asked a craftsman to make a shopping basket on wheels. On June 4, 1937, the shopping trolley was first used.

Supermarket Cart

Supermarket Cart

Today we will talk about the inventor of the shopping cart and the history of the shopping cart. I don’t know that this long-standing and easily forgotten invention is also full of twists and turns!

At that time, the American grocery store was like this: Each item was equipped with a salesman with a white apron. For example, if you need 3 kg of rice noodles, the salesperson will help you with the bag - weighing - packing, and finally you need to take it. With all the products you buy to checkout, Goldman notices that this method is very cumbersome and wastes manpower and is not efficient!

However, as early as 1916, the self-service model was piloted in California's “self-service supermarket”, and the products were placed on the shelves, and users could pick them up as needed! In 1919, the concept was fully launched in California!

When he recognized the shortcomings and defects, he decided to bring this model back to his hometown, Oklahoma. In 1920, he opened his first supermarket in the state - Sun Grocery! In 3 years, Goldman has opened 55 such stores! In 1929, under the US economic crisis, he sold his supermarket to Kaggs-Safeway, and then used the money he bought to acquire two stores that were about to close down, Humpty-Dumpty and Piggly-Wiggly.

However, in the harsh economic situation, his store began to be slow-moving and faced the risk of bankruptcy! Until he saw a folding chair!

Of course there is an episode here:

In 1930, Freon was developed, and half of the people in the United States used the refrigerator. (In the mid-to-late 1930s, Americans used the refrigerator, and China delayed it for nearly 30 years. The first refrigerator in the country was developed in 1957 by Beijing Snowflake Refrigerator Factory. )! After that, the freezer began to spread a lot, so that when consumers shop, they can not only buy the products of the day, but also buy many things!

However, at that time, the self-service supermarket only provided a basket of wire woven, which limited the purchase amount to a certain extent. If the thing is too heavy, it will automatically reduce the purchase amount of the customer!

Goldman began to realize that the problem faced by the businessman is the pain point of the user. If the pain point of the user can be solved, not only can more products be sold but also the pressure of the shopper can be alleviated!

So they started to conceive the solution: the first option is: when the clerk sees the customer's basket full, he will help the customer to go to the checkout counter, and then help the customer get an empty basket. It turns out that this method not only wastes manpower. And it is very troublesome! It turned out to be impossible, until one day, he saw the folding chair in the office, he jumped excitedly, he grabbed the folding chair and put it on the desk, then placed the basket under the chair, the next day He went to the repair shop early to find a repairman, two men tinkering, and then added four wheels to the folding chair!

In this way, the shopping cart that changed our lives has come up!

This great invention that we have neglected for 80 years is the result of Goldman's deep insight into human nature. A small shopping cart involves design, marketing and even psychology.

Goldman invented the shopping cart, Amazon invented the virtual shopping cart, two are the inventions that changed the world, and also proved that a good idea can make a lot of money, a good idea can change the world, a good idea can be famous, this may It is the ability to be creative!

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