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Introduction of American Shopping Cart

Mar. 09, 2018

American shopping cart is widely used in international. Many countries adopt American shopping cart because of its good design and high quality. In this article, we will introduce the shopping cart to you, my dear friends.

There are more than 15 kinds of American shopping cart on our website. They are different colors, volume, wheels and designs. For every customer, the next following items are optional: 5” escalator wheels, Anti-static wheels, Coin lock for different coin size, ASTM approved seat belt, Full length bumper, Caster lift. Dimensions of our American shopping carts are L45"*W24.21"*H42.44",L32.74"*W20.87"*H37.4",L32*W21.3*H36.6",L37.87"*W23.31"*H40.63". If you are interested in our products, click them and add to inquiry list to let us know, or email us directly. For your questions and requirements, we will give you answers quickly.

Contact us, you will find that we are reliable American shopping cart distributor.

American Shopping Cart

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