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Shopping Cart with Intelligence

Jan. 08, 2018

Go to the supermarket shopping long queues to pay for, always means pain for consumers. This situation is also an urgent need for supermarket merchants, because unpleasant shopping experience will lead to consumer conflicts, the long run will cause the decline in traffic and even the loss of supermarket members. How can we avoid this situation? Smart Shopping Cart provide a viable solution.

Shopping Cart China

Self-pay refers to the consumer shopping in the supermarket, you can scan the selected product in the terminal code. After scanning the code, the terminal display will display the product information in real time and automatically generate the shopping list. After the purchase of goods selected settlement can be completed by online payment.

Information push refers to when consumers stay in the Store Shelf of goods that they are interested in, they will receive the product promotion information near their location. This promotion information display method is far more efficient than the traditional promotion flyers.

In the retail industry, self-service terminal equipment has become more and more popular among consumers. Daily life vending machines at subway stations and colleges and universities are a notable example. The problem they face is the high cost of self-checkout machines, Price several hundred thousand dollars, and these self-service machines can only be fixed in the supermarket clearing access for consumers. From this point of view, buying self-service machines is not as good as adding a few manual checkout machines so that queuing problems can be better solved. The smart Shopping Trolley solves this problem. On the one hand, it is cheaper, on the other hand, it can be moved anytime and anywhere. The smart terminal accompanies consumers' entire shopping process to provide consumers with a more personalized and convenient shopping experience.

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