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How to Place Shelves In Convenience Stores?

Apr. 21, 2020

Convenience stores have a variety of shelf styles and materials. What store shelf is on the market?

Steel convenience store shelves: All raw materials are high-quality cold-rolled steel, with excellent bearing capacity, wear-resistant and anti-rust, and long service life.

Steel-wood convenience store shelf: The shelf structure is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the environmental protection board is used for lamination, side plate or backplate, which is beautiful and advanced.

In addition to the above two materials, there are plastic convenience store shelves, iron convenience store shelves, and wooden convenience store shelves.

However, the iron frame and the plastic frame are easily damaged, and the wooden frame is expensive, so it is rarely used. Which materials are more suitable for convenience store shelves?

What kind of shelf is the best choice, we can not generalize? We need to consider the actual situation.

Steel and wood shelves are advanced and beautiful, but the purchase price is high, which will increase the cost of opening a store.

So if you do n’t have enough money to open a store, you can open a self-sufficient convenience store, and then you can choose a steel shelf; if you open a franchise convenience store, maybe you are selling high-end products such as imported products, then you can choose a combination of steel and wood to achieve a better display effect and better match the convenience store planning.

Store Shelf

Store Shelf

So how should the shelves be placed? Store shelf manufacturer shares for you:

1. How to choose the structure: placed against the wall, choose single-sided shelves in the convenience store, placed in the middle, choose double-sided shelves or four-sided shelves in the convenience store

2. How to choose materials: ordinary convenience stores choose steel shelves, and brand chain convenience stores choose steel shelves.

3. How to choose the back panel: choose the mesh back panel more fully; choose the sunlight back panel with strong light transmittance; cover the wall surface and choose the high-grade and exquisite wooden back panel.

4. How to choose the area: according to different areas, different shelves should match. Do not mix them together, otherwise, they will not be displayed or specialized. For example, the food shelves of the convenience store should be in the food area, the bar seats of the convenience store should be in the leisure area, and the promotional shelves of the convenience store are selected for promotional products.

5. In order to promote the sales of slow-moving products, some slow-moving products can be placed in promotional areas or small booths at cash registers.

6. The middle layer of the general shelf is the golden position of the shelf. It is generally used to put more profitable products into the store to promote sales.

7. Similar products are placed centrally, which is convenient for customers to compare and choose.

8. Reasonable space layout, according to the size of the goods, combined with the specific conditions of the store, unified layout.

9. In order to ensure the safety of customers shopping, fire safety should be considered. Reactive chemicals should be placed separately and at a safe distance.

10. Considering the handling when the goods are put on the shelf, several layers of shelves should be placed for heavier goods, which is not conducive to replenishment and handling.

11. Feature division, improve competitiveness, divide the featured products in the store into different areas, convenient inventory.

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