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How To Choose a Baby Stroller?

Jan. 05, 2021

How To Choose a Baby Stroller?

There are two types of troubles when buying a baby stroller: one is the inexperience of buying a baby stroller for the first time, which is easy to pick, and the other is that children don't like to sit when buying a stroller or it is not convenient for adults to use it. Another problem is that although I have a good idea of what kind of kid cart I want, it is difficult to find a cart that meets all the requirements.

Kid strollers are used by both babies and adults at the same time. To take into account the needs of both parties, let's first look at the needs of the baby.

1. First of all, it must be secure. Fortunately, this is easy to judge. Safety regulations for products such as baby strollers have been developed very maturely. As long as domestic products have 3C certification (China's National Compulsory Product Certification), they are safe enough, and qualified products produced by regular domestic manufacturers will be available. Some foreign certification standards will be more strict and comprehensive, such as EU product certification CE (compulsory safety certification, products entering the EU market must pass this certification), Japanese product certification SG (Safety Goods, voluntary product safety certification).

There are also some security-related functions, you can choose according to your needs:

Step on the dual brakes: You can stop the wheels on both sides with one foot, and you don't need to step on each of the wheels.

Front armrest: Some parents worry that the front armrest is not safe enough. In fact, the front armrest is not necessary for safety. The main function is the armrest. Safety is mainly ensured by seat belts, and seat belts should not be worn because of the front armrests. When the baby gets older, his mobility will increase, and he may want to stand up or climb out in the stroller. At this time, he must wear a seat belt.

Three-wheel or four-wheel: listed here because some parents worry that the instability of the three-wheel will affect safety. In fact, the three-wheel stroller is also stable.

2. Healthy development and comfort, the smaller the baby, the more important this is. In addition, if the baby feels uncomfortable in the stroller, he may resist sitting in the stroller, which will cause the stroller bought home to be idle. There are two main factors affecting this aspect.

One is the adjustable angle of the seatback, which depends on the age of the baby.

Child Cart

Babies from 0-6 months must use a sleeping basket or a stroller with a seatback that can be adjusted to lie flat. This is to protect the baby's immature spine. Usually, the product introduction will indicate whether this stroller is suitable for babies from 0-6 months. It should be noted that the lying angle of the seatback is not 180 degrees, but about 165 degrees and 170 degrees. This is the requirement of safety regulations, in order to avoid bumps on the road and the baby choking on milk. Parents don’t have to worry that the baby’s spine development will be affected if the degree is less than 180 degrees. In fact, adults are not completely lying down at 180 degrees when holding the baby, as long as the back and neck have enough support.

After the baby is 7 months old, it is not necessary to adjust the seat to lying flat. The advantage is that when going out for a long time, the baby is likely to sleep. A stroller that can lie flat will make the baby sleep comfortably.

The second is shock absorption. The weight of the cart and the large wheels play a major role in the shock absorption effect, and pneumatic tires are the best. In addition, shock-absorbing springs and comfortable cushions can also play a supporting role. Shock absorbers are especially important for babies who are a few months old. Parents can think about the area where the stroller takes the baby out. What is the road surface? If there are more bumps and uneven roads, shock absorbers need to be considered.

List a few more features and functions related to comfort. Parents can choose according to their own needs:

The support of the seat pocket and backrest: The backrest of some portable strollers is soft and lacks support. After the baby sits on it, the seat pocket will sink deeply, and it will be uncomfortable to sit for a long time.

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