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Shelf system selection process

May. 22, 2019

Shelf system selection process

Shopping Trolley Manufacturer shares that The choose and buy of racking system process mainly includes the buyer's request warehouse shelves system - supplier for type selection, design and optimization, rationality, optimization degree evaluation - quote - supplier - make contract - racking system detailed technical design, system manufacturing (preparation, processing, surface treatment, packaging, etc.) - shelf system installation acceptance.

Choose the shelf to see their own product types and specifications size, weight and quantity;

Light bulk goods of various types of products with light Angle steel frame, carton type, box type storage products should be selected in the medium shelf or three column shelf, trolley manufacturers, the shelf length from 1.2 meters can be made to 2.5 meters, a single layer can put more than one box, turnover frame, container utensils.

Heavy-duty Frame Display Shelf

Loft platform above put some irregular products, large light type products, most of the products are too occupied area, and the attic platform is originally in the original surface on the basis of the installation of a floor, greatly saving the storage site, but also improve the utilization of the height;

Double layer attic shelves are mostly used for spare parts storage and small goods distribution warehouse, spare parts warehouse, heavy shelves are mostly used for electronic products industry, paper industry, a variety of industries, the use of shelves should pay attention to the load-bearing performance of shelves, heavy shelves are mostly used for storage of large quantity, pallet stored products, can save space in the air. Metal shelves customer requirements for warehouse shelves system should usually include warehouse floor plan, unit (packaging) goods specifications, characteristics, weight, pallet goods specifications, stacking height and load, access mode (manual, mechanical, automatic access) and equipment, in and out of the warehouse frequency, management system requirements, control mode, etc..

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