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Classification Of Shopping Cart Types

Mar. 09, 2019

Supermarket shopping carts are an important tool for shopping modernization and efficiency, so the shopping cart industry has emerged. European Style Shopping Trolleys are divided into 60L, 80L, 100L, 125L, 150L, etc. according to the most commonly used volume. There are two types of supermarket shopping carts: the common ones are European shopping carts and Japanese shopping carts. European shopping carts are divided into two categories: the first type is a bracket type shopping cart, and the second type is a tray type shopping cart.

European Style Shopping Trolleys

Scaffold shopping cart

The bracket type shopping cart basket is made of cold-rolled steel wire, and the surface of the car body is plated like stainless steel. Together with the polyurethane wheels, our shopping carts are more prominent in shopping. The bracket type shopping cart is evolved according to the American shopping cart. The basic functions are similar, and it is more common in small supermarkets.

Tray shopping cart

Tray-type shopping carts commonly known as " American Style Shopping Carts" have three functions. First, the basket has children sitting, so that women or children with children can shop. Second, the volume inside the box can be increased more and larger. Place the supermarket goods, third, there is a place to place the shopping basket under the car body. The number of other types of shopping carts compared to American shopping carts is far less than the number of items placed.

Japanese shopping cart

There is no special volume division for the Japanese shopping cart. It is commonly used for the shopping iron frame on the car body frame and the shopping basket tray below. The feature is that the shopping cart and the shopping basket can be used at the same time. The disadvantage is that the stored goods are worse than the European shopping.

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