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Don't Put Children In The Cart To Play

Jul. 16, 2018

The Metal Shopping Carts produced by the Supermarket Trolley Manufacturer are now almost a must-have for all large shopping malls. Such lightweight trolleys can eliminate the need for customers to carry goods back and forth. Some consumers with young children can also put children into the car. Pushing the mall. However, this convenient shopping facility will leave a safety hazard if the customer uses it improperly.

When people buy goods, in order to prevent children from running around, they like to put those younger children into the trolley. When adults are busy buying some goods, the children will play around in the trolley, and some children will shake their bodies, some try to climb out of the trolley, and some sit back against the wall of the trolley. In the car, plus the child will move in the trolley, then the trolley may fall over due to the imbalance of the center of gravity, resulting in injury to the child.

When there were mothers and daughters pushing a trolley, there were already some cardboard-packed goods in the car, and the child was holding a cart taller than him. After they bought something, the goods in the trolley had piled up very high, and at this time the mother wanted to put the child in the trolley. However, the position of the infant seat is too small, so the mother simply let the child sit on the pile of goods and push it away. The mother and the daughter walked and joked, and at the corner of the shelf, they made a sharp turn to avoid other people, which made people worry about the safety of their children.

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