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Do You Know What Kind Of Shelves There Are? (Under)

Feb. 03, 2020

Store shelf manufacturer in china share with you:

Classified by cargo:

According to the loading method of the store shelf: cantilever shelf, cabinet shelf, shed shelf. According to the structure of the shelf, it can be divided into detachable shelves and fixed shelves. Which is divided into unit shelves, general shelves, mobile shelves, through shelves. According to the height of the shelves: low-level shelves: the height is below 5 meters; middle-level shelves: the height is 5-15 meters; high-level shelves: the height is above 15 meters. According to the weight of the shelves: heavy shelves: the load capacity of each shelf is more than 500 kg; medium shelves: the load capacity of each shelf is 150-500 kg; light shelves: the load capacity of each layer is below 150 kg.

Equipment application:

From the perspective of more mature high-density storage shelves on the market, there are the following types: drive-in shelves, press-in shelves, electric mobile shelves, shuttle shelves, and gravity shelves. Each of the five shelves has its own advantages and disadvantages. The following analysis compares and explains the three aspects of operation form, unit shelf cost, and cargo depth:

⑴Drive-in shelves are suitable for small variety and large quantities of goods storage. In the case of leaning against the wall side and installing back beams and back pulling, the goods storage method is advanced and the depth of the shipping position is ≤6. In the case where no back beams or back pulls are installed in the middle area, the storage method of the goods can be first-in-first-out or first-in-first-out depth ≤12. The cost of a single pallet is about 260 to 360 yuan (this offer is for reference only and is not for commercial use, the same applies below).

Do You Know What Kind Of Shelves There Are? (Under)

 Store Shelf

⑵Press-in shelves are also known as back-up shelves, which are suitable for storing goods with multiple varieties and small batches. The operation method is advanced and then output, the depth of cargo space is usually ≤5, and the unit shelf cost is about 700 ~ 1000 rounds.

(3) The electric mobile shelves are divided into two types: rail-type and random-type. The storage and storage of goods can be 100% arbitrarily. The depth of the cargo space is about 16, among which the laying of the guide rails of the rail-type electric rack requires secondary construction on the ground. The overall installation time is longer and the seismic resistance is also higher. , The overall load-bearing capacity of trackless electric shelves is weaker, relying on magnetic guide bars for guidance. The unit shelf cost is 1000 ~ 1400 rounds; when the electric shelf is used in the cold storage, the electric control box, bearings, wires and other parts must be specially treated;

Shuttle car storage and storage methods are the same as drive-in racks. The middle area can be first-in, first-out, and last-out. It is suitable for the storage and retrieval of large quantities of small varieties. The depth of the cargo space can reach 30 cargo spaces. The cost of a single pallet is 300 to 600 yuan, of which the individual price of the shuttle car is between 150,000 and 200,000. The shuttle car integrates light, machinery and electricity. Whether the quality of its own product is excellent is very important for future customers' logistics work. Whether the electronic components in the trolley have sufficient anti-interference ability to the light, noise, temperature and vibration generated by the reciprocating movement is an important factor in the price of the shuttle. It is not necessary to blindly follow the various trades of different industries based on their own funds, cargo characteristics, and logistics status.

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