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Do You Know the Technological Characteristics of Display Shelf?

Jan. 29, 2018

1.Display Shelf unique structure: steel mesh and the pillar combination, its unique shape structure, flexible design, easy handling, clean and bright, solid chrome steel mesh promote air circulation, reduce dust accumulation, make the storage visible at a glance.

2.Flexible and changeable: the pillar has a groove per inch, which can adjust the height of the mesh at will. It can be combined arbitrarily according to the actual needs. 

3.Wide range use: Store Shelf types and specifications are complete, suitable for any space requirements, and can be composed of different purposes products.

4.The force is great. The micro series each layer can carry 50kg, the family series of each layer can carry 100-250kg.

5.Display shelf is important to return home life items, the key is conducive to life, it is easy to pick up without looking for it.

Display Shelf

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