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The Method And Meaning Of Choosing The Right Store Shelf

Dec. 05, 2019

Store shelf supplier share with you: the current domestic retail format can be roughly divided into hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores. The area of convenience stores is generally less than 500 square meters;The area of the community shop is under three thousand square meters. The area of comprehensive supermarket is below 8000 square meters, and the area of hypermarket is generally above 8000 square meters. Therefore, different types of business need to use different types and prices of shelves to display goods, so the choice of supermarket shelves is very important.

Store Shelf

Store Shelf

As a Store shelf, must pay attention to the appearance of neat, only those neat shelves, will attract the eyes of customers, make everyone shopping mood become more pleasant.

Of course, in use, also want to pay attention to the timely cleaning of the shelves, to keep the shelves clean and tidy, so as to make the use of the shelves more efficient.Modern people prefer personalized products, so novel shelves tend to be more attractive.

Now a lot of shelf production enterprises will develop a variety of new supermarket shelves with the change of consumers' aesthetic standards, supermarket shelf factory these shelves are often more simple structure, disassembly assembly is more convenient, convenient for the placement of goods.

In the modern supermarket, a novel shelf with the flavor of The Times, often can let consumers feel higher grade, can bring more pleasure to people's shopping, let shopping also become a kind of enjoyment.This is also the modern life that modern people pursue.

If opened a supermarket, so the shelf choice is not little certainly, if have beautiful shelf, so can let the supermarket grace many, accordingly, when supermarket shelf of choose and buy, must pay attention to choose the supermarket shelf with novel style well.There are pictures of various kinds of shelves in our company for your reference.

Layout and description of supermarket shelves

The placement of supermarket shelves is actually very learned, the placement of shelves is in fact to guide consumers to choose, the placement of good shelves to consider a lot of factors, not only to promote the purchase of consumers, but also to help the supermarket in limited.

In the space to achieve profit, the long-term experience of shelf factory summary, supermarket shelves should follow the following points.

1. Promote the sales of unsalable products;

2. Give priority to the products at the profit points of the supermarket;

3. Goods on the shelves must be neatly arranged;

4. Similar products are placed in a centralized place to facilitate customers' shopping;

5. Reasonable layout of space (some commodities are larger, while others are smaller, according to the size of commodities, combined with the internal situation of the mall, unified layout);

6, customer shopping safety (to consider fire safety, a variety of reactive chemicals should be placed separately, and ensure a safe distance.At the same time, sufficient passageways should be reserved according to the hot-selling commodity areas, such as daily necessities and food, so as to ensure that no crowding and injury incidents occur.

7. Consider the handling of goods when they are on the shelf.If heavy things, do not put several shelves, so it is not conducive to restocking and shelves.

8, the characteristic division, in order to improve the competitiveness.For example, the supermarket's vegetable shelves into a separate area.

9. Easy to count.

Vegetable Shelf

Vegetable Shelf

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